Massage Amani

About the Practitioner


Monique was a student at Wellspring School of Allied Health studying massage therapy when she came up with the idea to create Massage Amani. The word Amani has two origins. One of Swahili origin meaning peace and tranquility and another of Arabic origin meaning desires, aspirations, and wishes. Both of the meanings represent Monique’s vision of creating peace within one’s self and the desire to achieve one’s full potential in health and life. Monique built upon the knowledge that she had already acquired in her Bachelor’s in Cell Biology degree from KU while at Wellspring. She did this by obtaining a comprehensive knowledge of the mind body connection by learning how the body moves, works, and truly has the ability to heal itself. She believes in alternative forms of medicine. For years, she has used massage, chiropractic care, exercise, clean eating, and natural products to enhance her own life. Monique is also a certified personal trainer and former figure competitor. Health and Wellness are her life. She wanted the opportunity to share her vision with others and allow them the chance to learn and understand their bodies and grow to love the vessel that houses their souls. It should be treated with the greatest care and respect to preserve it for as long as possible. To do this, she will continue to offer a great service and continue to engage in community service as much as she possibly can. With this belief, Monique’s hopes to change the lives of as many people as she possibly can.



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